35 Up-to-date Essay Topics for Your Next Essay Assignment

One of the most complex steps of writing an essay is choosing the correct essay topic. Commonly, students are tempted to pick any random topic, research a bit, make an essay structure, and start writing.

Though there’s nothing wrong with that, giving time to find a good essay topic can make a lot of difference. Believe it or not, nothing is more important than the topic you choose in essay writing. Selecting a weak essay topic will lead to a sub-standard paper, where you’ll have no other option but to buy an essay to meet your deadline.

Therefore, consider these factors while brainstorming topics to avoid requesting experts to “please do my essay.”

· Stick to your area of interest and choose topics you are passionate about to make essay writing as easy as a breeze.

· Choose a topic that goes easy on your readers. If your audience has little idea of the context, it will naturally be a boring read.

· Pick a topic that’s not broad or narrow. Having sufficient details will make writing enjoyable.

Nonetheless, below we’ve enlisted some hot essay topics for your reference. You can draw ideas from these topics, use the given essay structure, and start writing.

1. How has Covid-19 changed life?

2. Does optimism influence immunity?

3. How social media improves one’s communication skills?

4. Long-distance relationships invite distrust.

5. Is exercising the only way to prevent obesity in children?

6. Drugs and alcoholism are the leading cause of homelessness in the US.

7. Communication is the secret to a happy marriage

8. Social media and its role in privacy breach

9. Should governments ban abortions?

10. Police role in the US has a racial aspect.

11. The loss of a loved one that changed your world overnight

12. That one thing you regret the most in your life

13. Sexual harassment at the workplace

14. How important is body positivity for teenagers?

15. The fashion industry sets an unrealistic beauty standard

16. How to reduce childhood obesity?

17. Ways to tackle the racism problem in the US

18. Why is graduating from college important?

19. Teenage pregnancy and the problems associated with it

20. What’s willpower to you, and how do you exercise it daily?

21. Optimism and its role in leading a happy life

22. Procrastination and the consequences students encounter

23. Peer pressure and its impact on student’s mental health

24. How do you define happiness?

25. Religion and its role in peacebuilding

26. What does friendship mean to you, and how has it helped you become a better person?

27. What are the pros and cons of perfectionism?

28. Why are the millennials losing faith in the institution of marriage?

29. Will terrorism be the end of humanity?

30. Surrealism and the role it plays in different cultures

31. How do you perceive power, and what does it mean to you?

32. Creativity and talent are essential to shine in today’s world

33. Global warming and ways to fight it for a greener earth

34. What does generosity mean to you? How does it improve others’ lifestyles?

35. Why is “an eye for an eye” not the answer to hatred?

Approaching an expert with requests like “can you rewrite my essay, please” can get you top-notch essays without any effort. But if you genuinely want to develop your skills, practice as much as you can.

Summary: Selecting the best topics from a specific category takes more time and effort than you realize. However, it’s always better to stick to something you know to make writing less tedious. Students struggling to find trending essay topics for their homework can refer to this article for ideas.

Author Bio: Terry Bingley is an associate at Assignmenthelp.us who offers comprehensive writing aid to undergraduate and graduate students. Students can reach out to him for urgent support, from picking essay topics and making essay structures to writing and proofreading essays.

I am a writer and blogger. Having received my Ph.D. from one of the most renowned universities in the USA. At present, I am associated with Assignmenthelpus.

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Grecy Jonson

I am a writer and blogger. Having received my Ph.D. from one of the most renowned universities in the USA. At present, I am associated with Assignmenthelpus.